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2020 created a unique opportunity to re-define ourselves as the global events industry entered a new chapter. 

The advent of COVID provided some challenging and steep learning curves. We have been fortunate though in that we had opportunities to manage a number of virtual events over this period. We continue to re-develop and change our approach perfecting the journey for our clients and their participants.

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A confirmed participant's profile is created from registration data.

Once registered, a participant receives online access via a password.

The participant can edit data in their profile.

We set up your event - look and feel, custom profiling fields, meeting permissions. 

AI Matchmaking

Access to Online Business Matchmaking™ Report.

See who are matches for me or use filters to search for who I want to meet.

Send a meeting request which is accepted or declined.

Calendar is then updated. 

Tele-marketing to all participants, track logins, manually schedule meetings, etc. 

Confirmed meetings either happen onsite at the event or virtually via video call.

All tracked with Business Matchmaking™. We monitor show rates to meetings and report back.

Track meetings via the virtual or onsite helpdesk.

In depth Post-Show reporting.

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Virtual Video Calling Embedded in Our Online Calendar 

We have rapidly and successfully adapted our offering to deliver virtual solutions such as fully virtual calling embedded into our technology. This easily manages One-2-One and One-2-Mini Workshops with timed meetings and screen sharing as well as quick setting options on the screens. 

Online Speaker Opportunities

Including your speaker session is a simple addition where participants are driven to “Attend” the sessions. Information about the speaker, the talk and other details are added to the programme page customised for your event. 

All speaker sessions are instantly added to online calendars and an easy “Join Speaker Session” option is live 5 minutes ahead of the talk. This One-2-Many option is perfect for an introduction to your event and allows 250 attendees per presentation.

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Meeting Management for a Hybrid Event

Hybrid offerings are also available as we effortlessly coordinate a physical participant with meeting location management as well as a virtual participant with video calling management - all done in the same matchmaking platform.

Looping of Meetings – Back to Back With One Click 


An industry first! 

Create a speed matchmaking event enabling participants to interact with 5 new participants every 10 minutes!  Ideal for your suppliers to pitch their product to 4 new buyers every meeting slot. 

  1. Profile:  Creation of a fully captured profile per participant with their area/s of interests. 

  2. Auto-Match:  Smart matchmaking auto matches all participants to a max of 5 participants per time slot.  

  3. Stream Unique MeetingsWith one click both suppliers and buyers receive back to back meetings with their exact target market. Each session is recommended to be 10min long with a 1min cross over before the next meeting automatically starts. 


This looping removes the need for participants to continuously click on the next meeting. They can sit back allowing one meeting to flow in to the next. 

Taking speed matchmaking to the next level!

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Online Communities

  • Building 365 communities is a key focus for our team. With the world of physical events at a standstill, building up to one 3 day virtual event does not offer the industry enough leads and contacts. 

  • The community concept provides year round  support, greater brand credibility for your event and the opportunity to peak content and interaction a few times a year.

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