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Our Event Management Steps

We strategise and work with your team pre-event, designing campaigns, invitations and assisting in sorting of databases in order to set up the system. The Business Matchmaking™ platform is used for the Online Registration, Speaker RSVP, Call Downs for Event RSVPs as well as meeting management. All activities are trackable and weekly reports keep you up to date with your event's progress.

Our Activities

Set Up Online Registration and Virtual Platform with Business Matchmaking™

  1. Design online registration in line with your event requirements

  2. Add your conference agenda by date and time

  3. Speaker Management, RSVP and Profiling

  4. Participant RSVP Campaigns, Event Confirmation and Profiling

  5. Company/Exhibitor Directory with more in depth profiling. Inclusive of all company media with click throughs to meet company representatives attending 

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Onsite Support.png


  1. Outgoing campaigns to push RSVPs and Meeting stats. Telemarketing and guidance to key participants

  2. Manage email requests and phone requests

  3. Email campaigns such as reminders, details of the event and a call centre for participant queries

  4. Push for meeting action rates of between 60% and 70% all prior to event dates

  5. Weekly reports to our clients with access to the virtual dashboard


We are able to embed various aspects of our technology into 3rd party platforms and have successfully created single sign on with leading virtual platforms.

Virtual/Physical Onsite Management

  • RSVP Management and participant tracking at the event

  • Show rates and segmentation of your audience

  • Daily e-newsletters about the event.

  • Reminder email campaigns about key agenda items

  • Management and tracking of meetings. Additional onsite meetings and matchmaking also available

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Post Show Report

All Stats are presented in graphs and charts and sent one week post-show


Post-Show survey campaign backed by telemarketing for maximum event feedback


  • A quick overview of profiling, logins and meeting stats with show rates

  • Participation Category Segmentation

  • Company Segmentation

  • Industry Segmentation

  • Country Segmentation

  • Scheduled Meetings

  • Pre-Show and Onsite Communications

  • Comments

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