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Our dynamic technology has many features such as those listed below.

These can be activated or de-activated depending on your event or community dynamics. Contact us to discuss your objectives and we will revert with a custom proposal for you.

API Integration

  • Pulling data directly from your registration ensures a full profile for each participant

  • Uploading from excel is also possible

Public Registration Forms

  • Creation of your registration form doubles as our profiling form and allows direct access in real-time

  • Management of invitations, save the date and registrations for your B2B event


  • Data fields created per event

  • Custom lists per industry such as categories, company links, media, etc

  • Fully Virtual Profiles – all attending virtually

  • Hybrid Profiles  – a combination of virtual and physical profiles

  • Fully Physical Profiles – all attending the event physically

High Data protection

  • Access is gained via a temporary password. Participants are then required to create their own passwords for data protection

  • Only profiled participants have access

Participation categories

  • Custom per event with meeting permissions per participation category 

  • Custom view and front end access per participation category (varying limitations can be set up limiting what and whom they can see)

  • Custom Business Matchmaking™ filters linked to participation category

Time slots

  • Custom time slots set up based on event requirements

  • Meeting slots, speaker sessions, breaks, etc

White Labelled - Look and Feel

  • Fixed or dynamic banner options

  • Email, login page, profile page, Business Matchmaking™ report, calendar page, program of events. Backgrounds on BMM cards



AI-driven – linked to setup and profiling data fields with online user behaviour to create refined matches

  • Business Matchmaking™ cards with more media for specific participation categories such as suppliers

  • Limit who can see whom via profile permissions

  • Custom filers based on participation categories

Linked to time slots for event

  • User management of time availability - check or uncheck applicable slots

  • PDF Download 

  • Sync to Outlook

  • Coloured status of meeting requests: Accepted/Declined/Cancelled/Propose New Time

FulL Time-Zone Management

A critical success factor for virtual events

  • Time zone per participant managed 

  • Calendar showing 2 time zones

  • Key sync with Outlook calendars linked to participant's time zone

Speaker Sessions (one to many)

Screen sharing. Count down on call. Activate or deactivate camera and microphone

Speaker Session (One to Many)

Main speaker on screen with share screen capability. Live chat box for easy participant interactions

Virtual Meetings(one-2-one & one-2-Miniworkshop)

Virtual Meetings

  • One-2-One

  • One-2-Mini Workshop

One to One

Two participants with a split screen 

One to Many (Mini Workshop)

Max 5 attendees. Dominant speaker (meeting organiser) has bigger screen for presentation purposes  Smaller for other 4 participants

Meeting Location Management

Full Management of Multiple Meeting locations 


  • Linked to participation categories and meeting rules, participation categories default to different locations such as stands, different buyer lounges and meeting tables


  • Full time-management in scheduling as well as onsite management with show rate stats reflected in post-show report

Email Content Management Tool

System driven emails for all online activities


Direct to participants inbox 

  • Access details to log in

  • Meeting invites, changes to meetings, calendars, etc

  • Meetings accepted/declined/cancelled


Custom emails can be created for specific event requirements

Full Event tracking in real-time

Dynamic virtual dashboard for Real Time Stats


  • Video Call Stats. Who is online per time slot in real-time


  • Track "No Shows". Our team will follow up to achieve and exceed show rates to meetings

Full team support

Business Matchmaking™ team behind all activities


  1. Manual scheduling for VIP categories

  2. Auto-matching as per event requirements

  3. Pending meeting call outs as well as onsite tracking 

  4. Active contact with participants. Calling and emailing for maximum meeting stats

Post Show Reporting

Analysing your event with in-depth stats


All profile and meeting stats represented in easy to view graphs and charts

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